Ladies and Gentlemen.

The New Gentry is a point.

The point where the only drama of a night out is the theatre of your entrance.

The point where fashion is only as powerful as the style that carries it.

The point where people know that elegance is the sexiest thing that a person can be.

The point where ladies and gentlemen are powerful through the way they act, not what they have.

We remember what most of society has chosen to forget, the life and world which used to be so much more beautiful.

The New Gentry stands as a return to the things that made our society: tradition, morality, true style and the definition of what it is to be elite.

We encourage people to be better than others. Not because you are born to a lineage or have money to spend on ridiculous luxuries and fashion, but because you act better, talk better and know that you are better because you do these things.

A person who counts themselves as ‘New Gentry’ knows and appreciates the best in high-fashion, and the best in the luxury world, but knows that just because it glitters doesn’t make it good. The New Gentry is a return for luxury with modesty, fashion with style, life with substance, etiquette and a code in all things.

London based, quintessentially British, the definition of A New Gentry Lady or Gentleman, is something that stretches from Hong Kong, Dubai, London and New York as well as everywhere in-between.

The New Gentry is about providing the guidelines and information that those who count themselves as Ladies and Gentleman live by, the code that extends not simply to what you wear but how you wear it, not only to what you buy, but how and from who you buy it, not only what you say, but what you do. It is the actions of people that define them as ladies and gentlemen, and it is these actions we seek to provide guidance upon.

More than fashion and style, this magazine is etiquette and lifestyle. Where you should be travelling and why, what you should be doing and how you should do it, if you want to call yourself more than simply a woman or a man.

This publication seeks to explore and uncover in order to share with you, what it means to be New Gentry and what it means to be ladies and gentleman.

So leave behind the ideology that it is only for those born to lineage and wealth to be Gentry. It is for those who wish to be elite because they make it so themselves, not through success, power or fashion, but through etiquette, knowledge of tradition and the belief that the sexiest thing a person can be, is elegant and powerful in themselves.

Through your support and patronage, we aim to explode the New Gentry into every corner of the media. Using social media, printed publications and video content, our aim is to become the new trusted platform for modern elegance and style.

Come with us as we start a new name in the history of style and provide a new face to the world of fashion law. Whilst it all starts here with yourself and the New Gentry, this publication is only the beginning.

Always the Lady, Ever the Gentleman.

Forever, New Gentry.

Thank You.