Once again the world will be graced by the two models who shaped a generation and the future of world wide fashion. The immortal gods of physical perfection, immaculate hair and Mugatu stopping looks that are the dynamic duo of Derek Zoolander and Hansel.

Dusting off their catwalk shoes to wow the world once again the titans are back with a vengeance, promoting their new film Zoolander No.2 alongside the Biebs and the Benedict, Derek and Hansel stole the show with their new and dazzling performance for Valentino in Rome. The two super-mega models posed, pouted and pranced in front of a crowd of photographers sporting the best in Italian menswear.

While Derek has been seen taking to the streets of Paris alongside fellow fashion legend Cara Delevingne, Hansel is surely meditating with his infamous tea in his hidden and secret warehouse escape rumoured to be located somewhere within the vicinity of London’s Hackney Wick.

With the imminent release of the long awaited biopic, we cannot wait to, once again, see what these mythic divas bring to the world of film and fashion

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