No matter your stance on Obama-Care, his administration or proposed gun law reform you, have to admit, Obama is one cool dude and you can fight it all you like, but it’s getting harder and harder not to love him. While you could argue that it’s his smile, charisma or jeans, the overwhelming way the president just seems to blend the sobriety of office with a love for not taking himself seriously is the reason so many love him the world over.

So here we pay homage to the moments that made us love the first African American president of the U.S of A, the man who Is just to cool to be president. President Barrack Hussain Obama.


Obama has done a few good skits in his time, but in our minds there just wasn’t a better one than ‘Luther’ the Presidents ‘Anger Translator’. Once again playing off his critics who say that he doesn’t get ‘angry enough’ and the tensions between him and the press, the President enlisted the help of Keegan-Michael Key half of the enormously successful YouTube skit show Key & Peele to ‘translate’ the speech from a well mannered and unemotional monologue into a hilarious tirade on everything from global warming to Hillary Clinton.


For many of us the first time we ever heard the name Barrack Obama it was as a Senator, but it wasn’t for a congressional address or political statement. No the first time much of the world met and indeed fell in love with the man, came from the immortal stage of the Ellen DeGeneres show. All the way back in 2007 Ellen welcomed Senator Barrack Obama to the stage. Now I don’t know how things usually go in America but if one of the men running for president danced like that on a talk show I think you probably have to vote for him. Maybe its time Trump took some hints? We wander if he may get a few more votes if he busted out the Time Warp on Jimmy Kimmel.


Everyone love seeing the person on stage shut down a heckler and Obama being Obama he gets his fair share of it. On the campaign trail the President gets the odd heckler shouting out some question he has already answered a hundred times, but at LGBT pride month in June last year the President invited the crowds to an event in the famous East Room of the White House, taking to the podium only to be shortly interrupted by a inconsolable person in the back row.


It not every day we are going to get a world leader who admits to getting high. The fact that the president was able to stand before a room of people not only as president but as an African American and admit that he used to get high on drugs, will be a political move studied for many years to come. While Obama has always tried to portray himself as a real and family man, this admission brought the people closer to him and created a whole new dimension not only to the President but America as a whole. So no matter if its admitting he got high, going out for burger runs or taking his children to the book store, Obama is a man of the people and we love him for it.


Sometime in the legendary first run, Obama’s campaign was forever changed when a loving fan felt so compelled as to shout out his love for the president, only to have it returned.

The Obama “I Love you Back!” catch phrase has become a huge pulling point for Obama and while we could probably deeply analyze the significance of this in political terms, we think we just love him more back again!


Its not Obama, but I think if it was he would get a third term..

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