Porsche unveiled it’s AW16 collection this January signalling a new direction for the brand. The collection possessed a decidedly smart casual aesthetic geared towards the pioneering globe trotter and indeed a demographic that embodies the brand’s fashion culture.

While the collection’s focus was directed towards the male market, the ladies counterpart featured intriguing pieces; a compelling mélange of masculine and feminine elements resulted in a cutting edge, yet elegant aesthetic.

Highly designed in both form and function Porsche design has given a great deal of thought to the practicality of the collection with travel central to the collections’ design considerations. The ‘zip-out blazer’ is one such piece that fuses functionality with style featuring integrated down elements allowing the wearer to pass between different temperatures without having to undergo a full wardrobe change.  These new technological innovations for the Porsche clothing range are the brainchild of the company’s new Fashion Creative Director, Pierre Costin whose adept attention to colour details, structure and subtle reference to motor sports allow for each piece to accurately express the soul of the brand.

Porsche Design now offers a full range of clothing in both formal and smart casual ready-to-wear garments and the success of the brand is testament to it’s comprehensive approach it’s target demographics’ needs. Whether it is accessories or the full wardrobe, Porsche compliments the person and the outfit with functionality in both classic and new formal looks.


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