Love them or hate them, in the digital age nude photos have become a common occurrence and no matter what your opinion: they are here to stay. Regardless of whatever prudish light you throw on sending someone a fully nude pic of yourself just out of the shower, there is one simple fact which rings true and means that people will continue to do it; it’s sexy.

However, what of the ‘lady?’ The elegant and stylish woman who is modest yet powerful in every way. Well we’re not going to say: “A lady doth never sendith a nudey”, but let’s be honest, there are so many things you can do to send that special someone a special something without completely throwing your naked body out into the either of mobile phones and Snapchat.


We all know the cycle of sexy lingerie: buy uncomfortable lingerie, wear uncomfortable lingerie, endure the discomfort of being strapped up, sucked in and pushed up to within an inch of your life. Next, reveal lingerie, have it ripped off within two seconds and BREATHE. Stuff lingerie to the back of the dresser only to be worn on laundry day and maybe once again in a month of two. So if the idea is to send someone  something sexy, break out the tiny red number and put it to some use. The reason everyone wants a nude is because that’s the goal, but for those who know, the goal isn’t worth it if there’s no game. Not to mention the fact that its good to get a little more mileage out of something that usually quite expensive and doesn’t see much air time.

That Stuff Above Your Neck

Every lady has a numerous array of weapons in her arsenal of flirting. Some of the sexiest things you can ever do involve assets above your neck. Never underestimate the power of sexy lips and bedroom eyes, especially when your lipstick and smokey eye game are on point. Hair as well, if you’re going to send him something to set a few fires, your might as well put some effort in, no-one can ever resist the power of bedroom eyes and bedroom hair, especially when you have the complete editing capabilities of Instagram and the iPhone at your disposal.

The Guessing Game

Time to get a little arty, your body has a lot to work with and for any man who knows their way around someone else’s body, they will know that some of the most alluring parts of one are simply not where you would expect them. This is the equivalent of a short skirt or a low top, its fun to tease and fun to be teased. Use the camera to get the most out of everything without sending the rest. Anyone can jump out of the shower and take a full frontal, only a lady can bring a bit of modesty and elegance to a nude pic.


Apart from lingerie, we are sure you can think of a few things that are just as sexy. You’d be surprised how sexy a shot of heels and the right caption can be. Just think of it as sprinkles on ice-cream, and while ice-cream can be a little messy, whipped cream on the other hand…

But apart from that well leave the definition of ‘props’ up to you, just try and keep your mind out of the obvious gutter and remember that dolphins and rabbits are very shy when it comes to photos.

The Other Stuff

You’re a lady, blah, you should be modest, blah, people will share them, blah, blah, blah, blah….

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