HONEY OUD – 100ml
Available From: FLORIS – £160

Since 1730, the London based perfume house is still owned and run by the same founding family and it is one of the most well-known and quiescently British perfumers in the world. Receiving the Royal Warrant in 1820, it has been worn by Marilyn Monroe and Florence Nightingale to name but a couple. Floris continues to manufacture scents it has produced since its founding as well as some of the finest modern fragrances available and its bespoke perfume creation is patronised by the London elite.


PEONEVE – 100ml
Available From: PENHALIGONS – £160

Penhaligons is famous as the personal perfume house to HRH Queen Victoria herself, who fell in love with their traditional floral scents inspired by English flowers. The house’s ‘Bluebell’ Eau de Parfum, being perhaps their most famous fragrance. Established in 1870, it is still well known and loved today by men and women alike, its store on Burlington Arcade, is now a staple of the famous shopping lane.


Available From: JO MALONE – £120

Jo Malone started her career as a florist, quickly moving into the world of cosmetics. Malone is famous for starting by personally mixing her products by hand to suit each individual clients skin, a bespoke service the perfume house now continues to this day, being one of the most widely used bespoke perfumers in the world. With packaging that is as famous as her name, Jo Malone is synonymous with the London cosmetic industry.


Available From: MILLER HARRIS- £155

One of the youngest houses in London, founded in 2000 by Lyn Harris. Harris was classically trained in Paris and brings her use of natural materials and French perfume ideology into the contemporary British cosmetics spectrum. Every one of her fragrances is personally designed by Harris, her materials coming from all over the globe, to apease her pursuit for perfection, which is reflected in every one of her fragrances.

“I am obsessed with finding what I call the other side of the scent, which means I want to bring a different slant to the scent” – Lyn Harris


Available From: SELFRIDGES- £240

With the completely immodest claim to fame of making the most expensive perfume in the world, Clive Christian, is seen as the apex of luxury British fragrance. Bringing the influence of his biochemist farther into the world of perfume creation, Christian’s ideology and perfume design gained him the Office of the Order of the British Empire (OBE) for service to the luxury goods industry. Clive Christian is the only perfume house to have been awarded the honour of using the image of Queen Victoria’s Crown on their perfume vials. Each fragrance was designed with the ideology to be created and then costed afterwards, each ingredient used is claimed to be the most expensive and luxurious of its kind and each bottle is finished off with a white brilliant cut diamond at its collar.

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